Mission Statement

Founded in 1974, the Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators (AOCLE) has as its member institutions the 25 schools and colleges of optometry in North America. The organization holds an annual business meeting, generally in late summer, attended by two representatives of the contact lens faculty from each of the member institutions. Since 1983, an annual workshop has been held in early summer at one of the member schools. Topics are selected by the host schools, but all have the goal of enhancing the individual faculty member’s ability to provide the highest quality contact lens education.


The Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators is committed to fostering the highest levels of education in the areas of cornea and contact lenses and supporting the faculty in these areas at each of the North American schools and colleges of optometry.


To achieve the mission of the Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators, the organization has established the following goals:

  • To enhance and foster the contact lens education at all schools and colleges of optometry by providing an annual educational workshop to representatives of the association.
  • To develop, refine, and share new learning resources among schools and colleges.
  • To present contemporary and future technologies that apply to the area of anterior segment, cornea, and contact lenses.
  • To serve as a resource for communication between the AOCLE and various national and international organizations.
  • To encourage a positive relationship between contact lens educators and industry so that mutually beneficial projects and goals can be developed and achieved.
  • To foster and demonstrate innovation and leadership in cornea and contact lens related education.
  • To encourage the concept of postdoctoral training programs in the area of cornea and contact lens therapy and management.

AOCLE Executive Committee Mid-Year Planning Meeting

Goal: To create the opportunity for the Executive Committee to address and act upon issues and decisions concerning the AOCLE in mid-year. The results of mid-year business including actions, decisions and recommendations are to be brought to the general membership at the Annual Business Meeting.

Attendees: The attendees should be determined by the AOCLE Executive Committee. Those recommended to be considered for attendance at this meeting include but are not limited to: the AOCLE Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter/Communications Committee, Immediate Past-Chair, Immediate Past-Workshop Coordinator and upcoming Workshop Coordinator.

Statement updated: May 19, 2009