AOCLE Achievements

AOCLE Achievements

Debut of workshops to enhance CL educational exchanges Bank of CL-related exam questions created and distributed to schools (Berkeley) 1985 Contribution o f numerous slides from many schools to the creation of a video Disc
Development of Soft Contact Lens Fitting videocassette IACLE and AOCLE representatives at respective annual workshops to enhance CL education globally
Case and slide compendium produced and given to each school for CL teaching support Debut of biannual AOCLE Newsletter
Participation at the 1st World Congress on CL Education (Waterloo)
Article compendium (a diskette of frequently-referenced CL-related articles) (Chicago) CL faculty Development grant Program E-mail listing appears in AOCLE Newsletter
AOCLE Information pamphlet
Creation of Computer-based patient simulations on CDROM (Memphis)
AOCLE Website (
Participation at the 2nd World Congress on CL Education (Waterloo)
AOCLE Living Library
Electronic format of the AOCLE Newsletter Soft Toric Fitting CD
Establishment of the George Mertz New Educator Travel Award
AOCLE CL Clinical Pocket Guide (Montreal)
Establishment of the Lester E. Janoff Memorial Award
AOCLE CL Pocket Guide (2nd ed)
Establishment of the Lifetime Achievement Award
AOCLE Healthy Soft CL Habits Tear Off Pads
AOCLE CL Clinical Pocket Guide (3rd ed)>
AOCLE Healthy Soft CL Habits Tear Off Pads
AOCLE Healthy GP Habits Tear Off Pads
AOCLE Clinical CL Pocket Guide (4th edition)
AOCLE Clinical CL Pocket Guide (5th edition)
AOCLE Healthy Scleral Lens Habits
Past Workshop Locations and Themes
1983 UC Berkeley Demonstrating & Teaching CL Related Research
1984 NEWENCO Teaching Methodologies, CL Curriculum
1985 Ferris State Computer Use in Education
1986 Pacific Innovative Concepts in CL Education, Research Review
1987 Houston Computer Applications, PMP & Clinical Simulations, Research Techniques
1988 Indiana Ocular Microbiology Techniques, Statistics,Video Taping of CL Fitting
1989 PCO Clinical Assessment Techniques, Procedures in Diagnosis and Management
1990 UAB Research Techniques, Computer Support Systems, Writing for Publication
1991 UMSL Audio-Visual Aids, Development of Soft Lens Video Tapes
1992 TOSU Clinical Teaching Methods, Student Evaluations, Teaching Specialty Lenses
1993 Montreal Interactive Video, Specular Microscopy, Tear Analysis
1994 Waterloo Interactive Educational Media, Computer Communications, Imaging & Teaching Tools
1995 SCCO Teaching Clinical Problem Solving, Providing Effective Supervision to Students
1996 NSU Therapeutic and Refractive Lasers, Theory and Hands-on Workshop
1997 ICO Teaching Clinical Concepts in a Didactic Setting
1998 SCO Enhanced Development of Multiple-Choice Examinations
1999 NOVA Web Page Design and Distance Learning Course Design
2000 Waterloo Advances in Technology for Clinical and Didactic Education
2001 Inter-American Computer-Assisted Teaching Tools
2002 SUNY Residency Based Training
2003 Pacific Specialty CL design and Leadership Skills Development
2004 SCCO StrengthFinders, Prosthetic Eye Laboratory, Definition of Entry Level CL Curriculum
2005 MCO Lifelong Learning Through Interactive Technologies
2006 Montreal Aberrometry, eLearning, Immersive Reality and Virtuality, Building Relationships
2007 Berkeley Case report writing
2008 NECO Mentorship in an optometric setting
2009 Houston Today’s Technology in Teaching for the Contact Lens Educator
2010 UAB Fitting Large Diameter and Hybrid Gas Permeable Lenses
2011 PCO-Salus Cornea, Cornea, Cornea
2012 Indiana Current Controversies in Optometry
2013 WUHSCO Teaching with Technology
2014 MidWestern Case Based Learning in Contact Lens Education
2015 SCO Challenges in CL education
2016 NSUOK Anterior Segment Lasers and Corneal Crosslinking
2017 UMSL The Bad, the good and the technology


We are indebted to Dr. Les Caplan for the completeness of the AOCLE history during the earlier years (1974-1998) which was reported at the AOCLE business meeting in 1997 and printed in part in the AOCLE Newsletter (1997-1998).

Prepared by E. Bitton (Montreal) and L. Caplan (Consultant)

(Updated June 2015 by Etty Bitton)

historical perspective of past AOCLE Officers.

Year Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
1974-76 Maury Poster Mort Sarver
1976-78 Mort Sarver Jerry Lowther
1978-80 Jerry Lowther Woody Kolb Jim Paramore
1980-82 Woody Kolb Jim Paramore Sarita Soni
1982-84 Jim Paramore Sarita Soni Gary Andrasko
1984-86 Marc Piccolo Jan Jurkus Les Caplan
1986-88 Ed Bennett Roger Boltz Les Caplan
1988-90 Tim Edrington Joel Silbert Gina Sorbara Les Caplan
1990-92 Joel Silbert Chris Snyder Jan Jurkus Les Caplan
1992-94 Chris Snyder Jan Jurkus Lisa Badowski Les Caplan
1994-96 Jan Jurkus Lisa Badowski Harry House Les Caplan
1996-98 Lisa Badowski Harry House Julie Schornack Ron Watanabe
1998-   2000 Julie Schornack Gary Gunderson Neil Pence Ron Watanabe
2000-02 Gary Gunderson Neil Pence Jenny Smythe Ron Watanabe
2002-04 Neil Pence Jenny Smythe Etty Bitton Ron Watanabe
2004-06 Jenny Smythe Ron Watanabe Etty Bitton Corzine / Watanabe
2006-08 Ron Watanabe Etty Bitton Vinita Henry John Corzine
2008-10 Etty Bitton Vinita Henry Bruce Morgan John Corzine
2010-12 Vinita Henry Bruce Morgan Judy Perrigin John Corzine
2012-14 Bruce Morgan Judy Perrigin Susan Kovacich John Corzine
2014-16 Judy Perrigin Susan Kovacich Katie A. Clore Neil Pence
2016-2018 Susan Kovacich Katie A. Clore Julie DeKinder Neil Pence

AOCLE Sponsorship

AOCLE Sponsorship
Over 30 years < 10 years
Bausch & Lomb ABB Optical SpecialEyes
Acculens Specialty Ultravision
Advance Vision Research Summit Technology
Advance Vision Technologies Synergeyes
15 to 30 years Alden Optical Syntex
Alcon American Hydron Teague Training Group
Allergan/AMO American Optical Truform Optics
Ciba Vision Art Optical Unilens
Cooper Vision Barnes-Hind Valley Contax
Vistakon/TVCI CLMA / GPLI New sponsors 2014
Contamac Visionary Optics
10 to 15 years
CTL Labs
Menicon Dow Corning
Polymer Technology Essilor Contact Lenses
Sunsoft Fisons
Wesley-Jessen Lens Dynamics
X-Cel Contacts Metro Optics
Ocular Sciences