AOCLE Background and Mission

Founded in 1974, the Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators (AOCLE) has as its member institutions the 23 schools and colleges of optometry in North America.


The Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators is committed to fostering the highest levels of education in the areas of cornea and contact lenses and supporting the faculty in these areas at each of the North American schools and colleges of optometry.

AOCLE Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators

The Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators (AOCLE) has, as its major objective, enhanced communications between all the faculty involved in all aspects of the contact lens (CL) curriculum in the Schools and Colleges of Optometry in North America.

AOCLE Events

Educators and industry representatives have opportunities to share the latest information in the contact lens field via an annual workshop and newsletters. The AOCLE also offers awards to invite new educators to attend their first AOCLE workshop.

AOCLE Resources

Numerous resources are available in the contact lens field. Some are tools that can be useful when working with students and patients, and others are links to organizations, companies and journals.


With growing concerns about compliance issues with respect to the wear of contact lenses, The AOCLE wanted to establish a standardized set of basic instructions for Patients to follow.


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The newsletter has grown in size and content and has become a valuable and readily available resource for not only contact lens educators but other educators, administrators and industry people. It contains information on the association’s workshops and annual meetings, contact lens residencies, job opportunities, industry information (programs and products), web sites, internet addresses, membership addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, listing of industry resources and other informative articles.