Healthy Soft Contact Lens Habits


The very useful SOFT Healthy Habits Guide has been updated once again and is now available for download. There are still 3 versions for easier
communication with your patients (english, french and spanish versions).
Hope you find these useful !

With growing concerns about compliance issues with respect to the wear of contact lenses, the AOCLE wanted to establish a standardized set of basic instructions for patients to follow. A “Healthy Soft CL habits” guide was launched in 2010 in which basic hygiene and lens care issues are illustrated with easy to follow instructions based on the latest literature. The guide offers an overview of hand washing, an overview of the care of soft CL (use of tap water, rub and rinse), cleaning and replacement of lens cases, no topping off of solutions and more. The guide is completely generic and is available in English, French and Spanish. The healthy habits can be reviewed with novice users or as a review of non-compliant patients.

Healthy habits
(pdf - 629k)